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SQL Server Health Check

SQL Server Health Check
Tailored analysis of your system data with a detailed report with recommendations covering backup strategy, indexing strategy and usage, consistency checking, monitoring, database physical layout, I/O subsystem and wait stats.

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Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning
The performance of a business application, system processes and associated databases are critical to not just the user experience but also aids in reducing costs as throwing more hardware at the issue is rarely the solution but frequently put forward as a quick (but usually expensive) fix. 

Whether there is a specific issue you are experiencing or something we have highlighted in one of our SQL Server Health Checks we can help diagnose and provide solutions to help maximise the hardware and SQL Server's potential as well as increasing your ROI.
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High Availability / Disaster Recovery

High Availability / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
Guidance, consultancy and implementation of a disaster recovery strategy can be provided to fulfill your business requirements. This will include full documentation of all processes required to get you up and running with minimal effort.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is becoming increasingly critical to any organisation. We can offer full end-to-end business intelligence solutions whether on premise or in the cloud.

We also provide solutions to fit your business needs and will also provide advice and training on getting the most out of your data.

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Database Management and Remote DBA

Database Management / Remote DBA
We can supply full DBA support or supplementary packages tailored to your specific requirements and budget with either on-site and/or remote DBA Services.

By investing in additional resource to undertake some of the day to day activities you can free up your resources to work on some of the larger corporate projects which otherwise may not even begin.

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Support and Training

Support, Training and Mentoring
Training is a great way to invest in the company as well as an individual's future.

Whether you require insight into platform upgrades, cloud services or deep dives into a specific feature our industry leading consultants can offer one-to-one or group based training for this. We can also provide ongoing mentoring to your DBA and BI staff to make sure they are always up to date with the latest technology and features available.

Take a look at our Resources page to find links to free tools and training which may help you along your way.
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Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations
Interested in moving to the cloud? Whether this be Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can help make this a seamless migration by providing services and solution from planning, proof of concepts to a full migration.

Microsoft now have over 800 services available in the cloud from SQL  Database to Azure Data Warehouse. Recent announcements  from Microsoft at Ignite have shown the massive amount of investment in this area to make it available to a lot of our client base with only a few clicks.

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